Goldman Sachs' Conviction Buy List

13th March,2019

Goldman Sachs' Conviction Buy List

It is rare for retail investors to get access to Goldman Sachs’ conviction buy list since it is only available to its exclusive clients. It’s even rarer that they produce one at all and Goldman Sachs has pretty much the only one amongst peers to do so.

Goldman’s Sachs‘ Conviction Buy List is a listing of stocks the bank’s research team think will do well in the coming months.
Most investment analyst banks or firms have three different levels of ratings for stocks for each stock; buy, hold/neutral, or sell. GS is unique among investment banks because it has a has a fourth level to separate “buys” from “conviction buys” and emphasise just how much they believe in that company. The regional lists represent investment recommendations focused on either the size of the potential return or the likelihood of the realization of the return. GS constantly maintains the list and doesn’t just put out a list once a year regularly by adding and subtracting names weekly as the environment changes change. Though, some of the picks have been sprinkled throughout the web these lists are never confirmed by GS themselves publically. We here at the SlowMoney Club generally have a love/hate relationship with analysts and their recommendations. Most money is made by betting against the crowd and Analysts don’t often take risky predictions to counter to the trend of other analysts. They generally do not out-performed the benchmark
Get the full list in resources
Note: this material does not constitute investment advice or an offer or solicitation with respect to the purchase or sale of any security in any jurisdiction to any person.

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